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How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself.  Therefore, in pursuit of our goal, we must always consider the following values:

Value of People:  The source of our strength is in our people.  They provide our creativity and determine our reputation and vitality.  We are a team and as such we must treat each other with trust and respect.

Value of Service and Quality:  Service and quality are foremost concerns.  To achieve customer satisfaction, our service and quality must be number one.  We rely on representing quality manufacturers with ethics and moral values beyond reproach.  Only with this team effort can the level of service and quality be reached.  As our cooperative service and quality are viewed, so are we viewed.

Value of Responsibility:  Our customers are the focus of our combined efforts.  We are responsible to our customers to provide better service and quality than our competition.  Accountability of each individual for his/her task is vital to meet this responsibility.

Value of Open Communication:  The accomplishments of our mission are dependent on the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and information throughout our organization.  Open communication encourages mutual respect and a desire to participate and contribute to company endeavors and our common goal.
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The mission of Architectural Product Solutions, Inc. is to be a strong, well organized, and profitable Manufacturer’s Representative Agency. APS is a company known for high quality products, extensive support and excellent service.  It is our goal to help our customers manage their businesses more successfully; to be an excellent channel for suppliers to bring their products to the marketplace, and to furnish a pleasant working environment for our employees with opportunities to grow within the company.
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